I'm not a fan of cheesy personal homepages.

This is just a photo archive of our life in Perth. Updated Dec 23 1999

View from John's old office window
The QV1 office social area
Another view from John's old office window
This is the back of the QV1 building where John works some of the time
And looking down
And looking to the left
And turning around 180 degrees
Sarah's work
Parliament house.  About to turn right onto Hay St
Driving up Hay St from QV1
More Hay St.  Pretty boring.
This is the back of Karinup where we shop.  iiNet has a shop to the right.
And this is the shop.  Note the model. :)
Look who's there!
A much better picture.
Bit of a view of the rest of the shop and the wife.
This is a view up St George's Tce.  The little building above the car in front of us is the building John works in most of the time.  It came with an ISP iiNet bought.
This is Kings Park Rd.  We live to the right.
Doing this backwards, this is the back of our block of appartments.
Same place looking left towards Hay St.
Close up of the back gate.  This is nifty, working with a pass card.
View from the balcony of our appartment.
And another.
And another.
Our garden. :)
This is a sideboard and mirror we bought.  It is made from WA Redgum which they call Mari.
The little red car in Perth.
View up the street looking right.
And looking left.
SJ out the front of the appartments.  No, she's not pregnant!
You can tell we like where we live.
This is Hay St at the end of our street.  You can see just how close we are to the city here.
SJ in Freo.
A much better picture.
Look what the cat dragged in.
Not much of a view at the restaurant.
This is the view from the canon at Freo.  Looking towards the harbour.
And the submarine museum.
The canon itself.
The old whaling beach.
The sailing and fishing harbour.
And looking up to the canon and the 'round house' which was the prison and ironically the first solid building in Fremantle.
Fremantle is quite pretty.
More Freo.
This is being built around the corner.  These pop up every month now in West Perth.  I doubt it will ever be East Perth which has waterfront but it's still a great place to live.
The bookshelf was infested and had to be sprayed. :(
This is our living room.  Note the excellent table and the futon sofa.
Bathroom with spa bath. :)
Kitchen.  Quite practical and easy for entertaining.
This is the bookcase we bought from a cheap and nasty Indon furniture importer.
John at a Christmas party. Kim Heitman in the background
Did I mention that it was a very good party?
Sarah in the kitchen.
John and Sarah in the kitchen.
SJ on the stairs at the hotel in Northam
This is the management team from iiNet and our wives
SJ by the bridge at Northam
SJ on the bridge. The Avon descent starts just here.
Michael Malone, Justin Lowe and John at Northam
John and Sarah
Sarah, Janet, Beata and Jodie