What is BNS?

BNS was Byron Network Services which was in ISP in Adelaide long ago. Byron was merged in iiNet SA which was sold to OGN and then bought by Chariot.

Who is John Lindsay?

I'm a network engineer who sold out and became a business manager. I work for Internode and Agile Communications in Adelaide. Previously I was working at iiNet Ltd in Perth and prior to that at Chariot. You can email me via my private email or my work email.

Pictures of Grace

Recently my wife had a daughter. That makes me a dad. There are some pictures here.


I went flying in Nov 2000. I understand why some people find this addictive.


My wife Sarah and I spent 15 enjoyable months in Perth. Our time was cut short by the arrival of Grace and our desire to be near our families for that event. We have some pictures of our life in Perth.

ISP Pages

Once there were heaps of ISP related links from this page. Sadly the machine that contained thosed pages died and the site was not backed up. I can recommend reading IOS Essentials which I lifted from the Cisco web site. You might like to check there for an update. I also have this design for a T-Shirt which may raise a smile.

The electric motor scooter

I am a big fan of electric motor vehicles and I own one. Have a look here to see the story and some pictures.